Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

The Quest for New Water!

Exploring new water is always exciting, so when the rivers around Ashford were running dirty, we knew we had to look further afield. I knew of a shallow river that held a large population of Carp, but what about Murray Cod? The only way to find out was to fire up the Toyota and cover some miles.

 Both Jason and I had been busy tying up a stack of new Cod patterns, what better way to test them out then in some new water.  

Within minutes we inflated the Floatboats and began the hunt for Cod holding habitats.  It was obvious that the recent floods had damaged the riverbanks, large She Oakes lay over and debris littered high up on the banks. I experimented with fly retrieves, letting the rattling jig style creation sink slowly beside logs and undercut banks.  The first fish landed was only small but of beautiful variegated markings.  

Things were tough but we pushed on, exploring the altered watercourse.  Finding Carp was a challenge as well and I suspected the high water had dispersed them further upstream.   Swapping my fly to a large 3/0 deceiver, hoping the fishing would slowly improve; I let the fly sink deep and trusted the wire sprig weed guard.  Eventually we ended up with 3 feisty Cod and dropped a couple on a large Bendy Roller Popper.  We nailed two big Carp on a 6wt Sage TCR using the ever reliable Glo Bug pattern, but then got busted off by a monster carp.  I know they are a pest species but these carp can pull some serious string.

Go Native!  Nick

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