Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

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May Murray Cod!

With rain forecasted for the New England over the next few days, today was my last chance to fish the rivers for some time. The water temps have really started to tumble, so I packed the polypropylene pants in for good measure. Fishing in a Floatboat without some sort of thermal protection can be very uncomfortable.

Several surface patterns were used during the morning period with no result, but that’s what winter surface fishing for cod can be like. One day diamonds, the next day dust! Battling my way downstream until I reached the next hole, it looked like a beauty with deep water and plenty of overhanging vegetation.

Changing to a 4/0 Rattling Clouser soon paid off, with a little teasing, the first fish finally felt the hook. A few quick photos and a measure (65 cm’s) he was gently released back under his snag.

The next fish was a cracker measuring in at 85cm’s (13kg Fisheries hand book guide), he was backed up under a single bottlebrush limb in only 2 feet of water.  I applied as much pressure as I dared with 20 lb tippet, but he still managed to make it back under his limb.  When he came out the other side, he rose up out of the water and performed two perfect tail walks that a Barra would have been proud of.

The last fish measured 74cm and was landed in a more conventional fashion, deep water under a heavily shaded bank. Fishing was rather tough considering the amount of water covered, but once again the quality of the fish made Winter fishing worthwhile.             Nick