Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

Re: August Action

I’ve finally put together some video footage, taken with my recently purchased V.I.O Pov.Hd head camera. Hopefully this short clip will give people a better perspective of targeting Murray Cod on fly.

 The day started slowly with no surface activity, but considering the water is still quite cold it was understandable.  The change to sub surface flies and a sink tip flyline was the next logical choice.

Initially a 6/0 Fatboy fly provided some excitement, but after several failed hook up’s it was quickly changed to one of my favourite patterns.

 The ever reliable Gold Rattling Bendback fly landed the first fish for the morning, but I was still not convinced this was going to be the ideal fly.  

Picking up my spare Sage Bass rod, it was time to give one of Virty’s Kaos Cod fly’s a go.  The combination of a floating flyline and a black  “Zonic” provided instant  results, with the fish eager to smash it.  The casts still had to be placed deep under shaded structure to draw any interest, which is typical behaviour for native Murray Cod.   But by the day’s end, I had released 5 healthy New England Cod and hopefully captured some interesting footage.         Regards Nick

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  1. Awesome stuff mate! Really enjoying what you are doing with your site. I look forward to every addition. FLY’N HIGH 🙂

    September 3, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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