Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

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Searching the Snags

After our last successful expedition pursuing the local Cod, Jason was keen to see if our fish were still in the mood. With a repaired boat and a bunch of prototype fly’s requiring testing, it wouldn’t take long before his questions would be answered. From the first shallow hole, we started to accumulate a tally of eager fish, small fish at first, but Jason managed to find a 70cm specimen. His reward for a high risk cast deep into a snag.

After another eleven fish, I’m confident to say that we’re starting to work out the tactics and fly’s required to succeed when targeting Murray Cod on Fly.

Fly choice is the key component and often the fly will draw a response before any movement is applied. We will be working on fly design, materials and weed guard construction in the upcoming posts.                                Nick

Murray Cod v’s Kaos Cod Flys

Out of desperation, Jason and I organised a floatboat trip onto my local waters. The rivers are currently in a transition period and starting to slowly recover from constant flooding, it had been a long time since we had both held a flyrod and we were keen to gather video footage of our fishing adventures.

It was soon discovered that Jason’s floatboat had somehow developed a hole; still this wouldn’t be enough to deter us. We quickly discovered that our flybox of synthetic fatboys and rattling flys would be of no use today. It was time for the subtle approach, drifting a black zonic under snags had worked before and once again provided success for us.

By having various styles of flys, such as reaction, flashy, subtle and surface, you can turn a quiet day into something special. A tally of 15 healthy cod proves that it pays to adapt to the situation at hand. I hope you enjoy the video clip.                  Nick