Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

Weed Guards

Snag dwellers such as the Murray Cod, benefit from the use of a specialised weedguard. Over the years we have tried many styles; for the most part they have all worked. It’s a fine line in creating the perfect weedguard, to developing the ultimate fish guard.  Below is an example of our simple front mono loop weed guard that will be found on most of our successful fly patterns.  We have found this style of guard to be durable and provide the most consistent hook ups.  Gamakatsu’s SL12s in size 6/0 is a hook that we base many of our Cod patterns on.  It has taken a fair bit of experimenting to find the optimum size mono to meet our requirements.  Finally we settled on RIO’s 60lb Heavy Shock Tippet, it fills the balance between fish/snag guard.  It can be tied in at the beginning of the fly tying procedure or half way, on some patterns such as the Fatboy, it’s easier to finish off with the loop.                                                 Nick            

1.Lay thread base2. Form loop in mono so it clears hook point by 2-3mm, crimp mono at tie in area with pliers. Add Super Glue to provide extra security 3. Build up with thread in front and behind until in the satisfactory position. 4. weed guard construction completed.  5.weed guard construction completed. (Front view)

One response

  1. Hi guys, I really look forward to checking out some of your ideas regarding the flies themselves. Thanks for the extra insight into the loop ‘snag’ guard.
    In the past, when I have used guards, they have always been a single or twin mono guard extending over the full gape of the hook. In most cases they have been sufficient, however I have never been completley satisfied! I now use ‘the loop’ method, and it is a little more satisfying.
    I still tie plenty of flies without guards. In some country, the snag rate is so low (ie., open granite and open snag) that I’d prefer no obstruction to the gape at all, hopefully adding to the hook up rate.
    Thanks again fellas,

    May 13, 2012 at 7:54 pm

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