Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

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Winter Snacks

What a tough few weeks we’ve experienced in the New England. Many of our waterways are suffering from weedy, low and discoloured water. Adding plummeting air/ water temperatures into the above scenario has now resulted in lots of casting practise on the river.
Current low water levels have exposed thousands of yabby holes along the river banks; perhaps fish were now gorging themselves on these high protein crustaceans. For the most part, over the last few years, our Murray cod flies have started increasing in physical size. Knowing that kids love to constantly eat snacks and sneaky meals, well now we’ve prepared the cod snack.
A fly, that’s a tad under 11cms in length, but packs some serious street credit when dealing with those tough fishing times. Get the tie right and it provides plenty of movement thanks to the use of natural fibres, even though the main ingredient is Arctic fox tail and Senyo’s laser dub head, there’s lots of room to add your own variations.
We have two hook options, both Gamakatsu, either the B10s in 2/0 or a Saltwater SL12s in 4/0. To improve hook up rate we now tend to open up the hook bend slightly.
Tail: short pinch of Buck tail, to prevent tail wrap. Big fly fibre, Arctic fox tail, optional Ostrich feathers/ Peacock hurl/ Silicon skirts. A few strands of Crystal flash mixed in.
Body: Rabbit crosscut, Marabou, Schlappen feathers is another optional.
Lead wire:0.15 gauge
Senyo’s Laser Dub is used to form a simple sturdy head and trimmed into shape. For durability we use Clear Cure 3D Dumbbell eyes in 8mm, to avoid the lost eye syndrome.
Weed guard: 60lb looped mono weed guard. Nick