Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

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Winter Time Blues

I was going through the motions at work, when I received a text from John Everett. It seems both of us were suffering from winter time blues. Months of no fishing had taken a toll on us, but it was about to be cured.
Using float boats during the cooler months relies on thermal clothing, waders and a little luck. Often prime bite times occur around midday, so there’s no need for extremely early starts.
Hitting the water around 8:30am we soon discovered that our casting required a little honing before our flies started to hit the mark.
In the weedy shallows several large orange carp nervously cruised about. A beat up 6/0 orange Fatboy fly would perfectly match the cod’s natural prey.
The first hole was a fizzer even though we were getting our casting together by now. Embarrassingly the first cod strike I somehow managed to blow completely, I blamed the cold water temps for dulling the senses.
Thrashing our way down through the overgrown shallows, we finally reached the following pool and immediately found a nice cod tucked away in the current. The take was very different than the usual cod strike, after several metres of following the fly, finally the fish responded to a static fly presentation. Encouraged we worked our way into some prime water, the warming rays of the sun really helped to build up our enthusiasm.
During the next hour we found many aggressive fish with our flies, but unfortunately pulled the hooks on every single one. It has been one of the problems associated with the Fatboy fly.
All the earlier morning woes were soon forgotten, when I managed to sight cast at a very healthy 80cm cod, which was hidden amongst the bottlebrushes. The bite slowly tapered off for some reason during the afternoon, even though the deeper water and its numerous snags looked impressive. John restored the faith with a 78cm cod, on one of Virty’s Kaos Cod Flys.
Landing eight Murray Cod on fly for the day made putting up with the cold and leaking waders all worthwhile.
Tackle used – Sage Largemouth Bass rod, RIO outbound short 375gr float/ inter sink tip flyline, Kaos 10wt fly reels. Nick