Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

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Cold Water Cod

I’ve compiled another short head cam clip from last Sunday’s flyfishing trip.
At first we found the resident Murray Cod on duty, particularly on the left hand side of the bank. I’m not sure if it was because of the increased water flow or just a comfortable temperature thing happening.
As the clouds and cool winds set in, the tally slowed to a trickle.
Again we found the Cod to be very cautious, timid and the bites very subtle. Slow and patiently we worked flies with long pauses, as this was the order for the day. Intermediate sink tip fly lines and lightly weighted flies made the task of dead drifting our flies easy.
By the day’s end we released around a dozen small Cod, by winter fishing standards this was pretty good.
P.S –leaking waders are not ideal when the water temps are hovering around 8 degrees, as they offer very little protection, if any. (Jason recommends Simms Waders because he thinks they make him look awesome) Nick
Cold Water Cod