Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

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Cod’n Ain’t Easy

Thinking that Murray Cod on fly is your game? Hang on because it’s going to be bumpy ride!

Our latest expedition proved how temp dropping, easterly winds and foul weather can potentially blow a trip, but we’ve been in this game for a while and heading home is never an option for us. The day called for some team work, experimenting and persistence, which is pretty normal when faced with heavy cloud cover and drizzle. Surface and smaller flies where thrown in narrow, faster flowing sections and typically smaller cod are receptive to flies in these areas. Failing here, we decided to change our game plan and step up on fly size in the hope of enticing a better quality fish. Our casting remained tight and we fished confidently, prospecting every shaded structure throughout the morning. Reward was so damn sweet when finally my flyline sprang tight, a big tail swirl and thumping tail beats transferred through the fly rod. It was a nervous time as the fish fought deep, bending the Ross 10wt to its maximum. Once it hit the bottom of the environet, we were stoked with such an awesome beast. Its length of 80cm’s is quite respectable on fly gear. Over the next few hours our motivation was ramped up, raising fish as we float boated downstream. It was still tough going but there was enough to keep us in the game. Successfully targeting Murray Cod on fly always comes down to putting in the effort to reap the rewards.

The flies of choice were a combination of 6/0 Light Horseman flies and Pink Dobson’s. As the light faded, top water flies prevailed, man of the match went to Big Poppa, but getting the hook to stick was a challenge.     Nick

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