Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

Doing It Tough!

When the snakes are keener to bite then the fish are, you really start to question your sanity.
This weekends overnighter, we covered some awesome water, unfortunately it involved 10,000 casts per fish. The weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to storm or hammer us with humidity. As the sun dipped, it came down to surface flies to save the day and keep us from embarrassment.  Working big surface poppers aggressively to induce a reaction bite was our game plan, since they were never interested all day in feeding on our subsurface flies.
We didn’t have to wait long before a pair of Cod found their way into the environet, confirming that Cod can’t resist a well presented surface fly. The next hit was an awesome strike from a trophy fish, right beside a submerged Willow tree. In a split second she turned for home with a fully loaded up 10wt rod and a fly line death grip, she still made it back home, deep under the Willow foliage. Once again I questioned these damn fish!, how does a fish fail to find a pair of chemically sharpened hooks, hidden under feathers and foam?
Not knowing how exactly far it was back to the ute in unfamiliar waters, we rowed for home under the light of the moon. Head torches seemed like a good idea, until we turned them on and instantly we’d be plagued by millions of light attracted bugs.  Traversing the snag filled races in darkness seemed a bit dangerous, so we parked the float boats on the gravel bank and packed the rods away, so they wouldn’t be terminated . The moment the rods hit the safety of their tubes the unmistakable sound of Cod could be herd slurping bugs off the surface.  You bastard fish!       Nick.

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