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Kamikaze Cod

Strange header but it’s what best describes some of our latest stupid tactics in the hope of tricking a Murray cod. Kamikaze fishing is reckless, dangerous, scary, exhausting and thirsty work, but it’s also awesome fun.

How do you know if your fishing style constitutes this crazy behaviour, or adventure share any of these basic elements welcome to the “kamikaze club”.

  • When most are going to bed, we’re rigging up to hit the water.
  • Trekking in at night during the full moon, tripping over rocks and fencing wire, but don’t warn your mate of the impending obstacles because it’s funny watching them fall.
  • Having head torches at night but don’t use them ‘cause that’s too safe.
  • Float boating at night during a cold snap dressed in t-shirt and shorts, plain stupid!
  • Prolonged fatigue from days of fishing during blistering heat.
  • Carting in heavy/ expensive watercraft, but there’s not enough water to actually use it.
  • Fishing prime cod water with big flies, but you catch turtles instead, strangely you still enjoy the battle.
  • The body’s reaction after entering the two metre exclusion zone around a venomous snake.
  • Painful repetitive casting of big flies for hours waiting for that big cod intervention then forget the basics and trout strike.
  • The constant stench of regurgated crustations, fish and mice remnants in your lap from fat murray cod.
  • Not having your thumb shredded by cod disappoints you.
  • Knowing you have kilometres of trekking ahead of you, but no drinking water.
  • Counting steps and not kilometres on those heavy laden hiking out trips.
  • When blistering summer heat almost kills you, but stupidly you can’t wait to head out and do it again.

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