Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

Murray doesn’t live here!

John Everett and I had been eyeing off the abundant and very healthy water on the eastern side of the range. We researched a stretch of river that could be easily covered in our float boats with enough white water to make things interesting, but the chance to tussle with the resident Bass and Eastern cod made the threat of capsize worth it.

*3am, when most are in bed we start heading east to catch a beast.

*The fishing was tough, but as a fly only option it was obvious that express sink flylines and weighted flies should be in the kit.

*Kayaking is one serious Olympic sport, but they don’t carry expensive rods and camera gear, so we portaged the nasty ones and lived another day.

*Light fading and food failures: we sacrificed some fishing real estate to reach a boulder ridden gorge section with a hunch fishing top water under moonlight would be where it’s at.

*Discovered that dehydrated soy teriyaki and John’s gluggy rice should be dished up with a warning label attached.

*Thank you Mr Bass and Goodoo, brought a little size 1/0 foam gurgler to the late night party and you all came out to eat it. By 1.30am we head back to our 5 star hiking tents.

*During the daylight hours we covered the kilometres and cursed a heap of cruising Cod, damn things weren’t interested in our flies!

*Plenty of potential for the adventurous angler, but being scared of the dark or too fond of the sleeping bag will rob you of fish and good times.

*Photos taken by Nick & John.

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