Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod

Chilln’ Cod

Murray cod by nature are an aggressive species. Typically it’s not too hard to provoke a fish into striking a fly if it’s put in the right area.

During the warmer months, water temps raise to the mid-twenties and active fish tend to hang high up in the water column, waiting for an easy feed.

If you can find a quiet stretch of river that has a combination of narrow, flowing water (or as I like to call it ‘Gun and Run” water, there’s going to be happy times ahead, unfortunately during the colder months, I’ve found the fish in our rivers tend to slow down and become less aggressive.

New England winter water temps can hover around 8 degrees and even colder in some rivers and creeks.

I’ve definitely had more success with very slow presentations and minimal fly movement when it’s in the strike zone, during the winter. I look for a fly with enough weight so when it lands it sinks vertically and not slide away from the structure, having the patience to allow the fly to sink deep and very little fly input takes some doing, but after a few winter fish you’ll appreciate the reward of fishing the colder months.     Nick


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