Flyfishing for Australian Murray Cod


Sage 4680IMG_0417

Another awesome reel released by Sage. Its light weight, 5 1/2oz and diameter of 4 5/16in makes it a perfect addition to any cod outfit. It features Sages 3:1 drag system, one revolution drag knob and width of 1 3/8in. It has a spool capacity of 200yds of 20lb backing and left/ right hand conversion. Available in two colours , Stealth and Storm.This reel comes with Sages Lifetime Warranty.

Katadyn Hiker ProKAT00015[1]

I’m not going to bang on about this awesome little purifying filter pump. Forget about carting in litres of water while trekking. Weighing in at 310grams, it reliably eliminates bacteria, cysts and sediments from the water. It takes up very little room in you backpack and is easy to use. Available from priced around $129.50.

 HCE Native Spec – 10wt Custom 8ft Flyrod

I’ve had the pleasure of using one of Peter and Tony’s Custom Native Spec Flyrods for some time. I’ve taken my time to fully evaluate this rod thoroughly before adding it to the review section. Straight up, this is a serious quality piece of equipment that’s been kitted out with best components. Matching the rod up with RIO’s 10wt/ 425gr Outbound Short Tropical flyline, enables the rod to be a formidable Murray Cod weapon. For full details go to

Kaos Cod Xtreme                                                          KCX 8wt – KCX 10wt fly reel

Virty has now added a collection of lightweight flyreels and flylines that are suitable for chasing Murray Cod. Here is the full specifications on his Xtreme range of reels.             Normal Price: AU$ 240.00 The Kaos Cod Xtreme – KCX 8wt & 10wt Lite Arbour reel is the ultimate in fly reel design and is simply Xtreme. This is an ultimate lite arbour design, is machine cut from the finest grade aluminium & features precision bearings on a chrome alloy spindle for remarkably smo…oth handling. Left & right handed reel, smooth silent retrieve with a lite outgoing click. The cork-on-delrin disc drag provides infinite control to protect fine components and yet will provide fish turning power when you require it! The KCX backing capacity is 100m Dacron braid connected to any fly line of chose measuring 25m. 8wt, 97mm OUTSIDE DIA, 67mm INSIDE DIA, 34mm SPOOL WIDTH, REEL WEIGHT 147g10wt,104mm OUTSIDE DIA, 72mm INSIDE DIA, 34mm SPOOL WIDTH, REEL WEIGHT 155g            For more information go to

Pflueger President Fly Reel

Heavy and expensive fly reels can be a compleat overkill when chasing native Murray Cod, shoulder and wrist fatigue can also develop through the day when using heavy reels. I have used an early model Pflueger Trion for quite some time and have had a faultlest run from it. Now I have added another fly reel from the same stable, the President 2090. Specs are 41/4 inch diameter, spool width 31/32 inch, weight 6.6 ounces, 200 yards of 20 lb backing and is suitable for 9-10 weight lines. The reel has a fully machined Aluminium body, large Rosewood handle, large arbour spool design and has two Stainless steel bearings. I purchased mine through Ebay for the measly sum of  $150 delivered, it was purchased from Gremlin Fishing in the USA.               Nick. 


Big Fish Shirts

Looking for a selection of durable and light weight clothing?  Check out the “Big Fish” range from Big Fish Graphics NT. You can find them at . They are made in Australian from Aussie weaved polyester, they have  a UPF  50 rating and are priced at a RRP $89.95.

Aqua Design Shirts

Aqua design have made blending  in with your surroundings easier than ever before,  they have a full range of fishing apparel including the pictured “Voyager” fly fishing shirt, available from . The shirts come in a range of four colours, have a UPF 50+ rating and are made from 100% aqua poly microfibre fabric.

Hilux Suspension Upgrade

After adding an ARB steel bull bar to my Toyota Hilux 150, the limitations of the standard suspension was soon discovered.  I settled on the Australian made King springs, KTFR 101-hd ($200).  Specs are 375mm length, 18mm wire diam, 800lb spring rate and provided 40mm lift.  Fitted in conjunction with a set of Bilstein BE5D563 ($527.45) front struts, they improved the Hilux offroad and on.  Available from                                    Nick

Buds Custom Bash Plates

Anyone that’s considering doing any offroading, should think about replacing the standard belly gaurds with something a bit more substantial.  Buddy has developed a heavy duty bolt on replacement front bash plate ($199) and engine plate ($129) to suit late model Toyota Hilux’s. Manufactured from 4mm plate steel then zinc plated (gold anodised).  Bud can be contact on 0417708598 or through his website                                            Nick

Sage Largemouth Bass Rod

One of the biggest obstacles when chasing Murray Cod on fly is rod selection, but with the introduction of Sages “Bass” series rods, casting flies in the 4/0-6/0 size has never been easier. In order to gain their full potential they come packaged with a 330gr floating flyline, the line features a very short compact head which assists in minimising false casts.  At a length of 7’11” they are brilliant out of Kayaks and Canoes, as a fighting tool they are without equal.  The Largemouth rod weighs 3 5/8 oz and the four piece rod is housed in a handy rod tube. At an approximate RRP of $475, the Sage Largemouth Bass rod is sure to be popular and includes Sages lifetime warranty.                                                 Nick 

Rio Outbound Short WF9F/Inter, 375gr Tropical

After many years of faithful service, my old Rio 10wt Tarpon floating/inter sink tip had to be retired, but what to replace it with? Researching the internet I settled on a Rio’s Outbound Short Tropical 9wt Floating/ inter line.  The line features a very short head (30ft) and was designed for rapid fire casts with very few false casts, perfect for chasing Murray Cod. The thirty foot head weighs up at 375 gr and although it would be used on a 330gr Sage Largemouth Bass rod, I knew the line would suit my short casting style.  The line features 70 feet of white running line, changing to a blue head for easy load point identification.   The clear intermediate sink tip is 15ft long and has factory fitted loops on each end. The line has core strength of 30lb and features (Extreme Slickness) XS Technology.  Okay enough of the technical stuff how did it perform on the Sage Bass rod, in a word PERFECT for a tropical rated line it was very well mannered indeed with no nasty coiling tendencies, the line certainly is slick.  What was noted is that while fishing out of my Floatboat, is that not once did I get into the white running line, I told you I cast short. After using this line I’ll be definitely getting the floating version as well.  Highly recommended for Murray Cod fishing.                Nick 

 A Few Great Flies by Peter Morse

Over the years Peter’s job as a flyfishing journalist has taken him to all parts of the world, he has fished with many top guides and mixed it with the greatest fishing minds.  Following on from Peters first book “Saltwater Flyfishing Fundamentals”, his latest offering “A Few Great Flies” takes it to the next level. He short lists some of his favourite and proven flies.  For anyone considering chasing Murray Cod on fly there’s several relevant patterns covered.  The book details such things as Retrieve, Flyline selection, Weed and Snag guards.   The book features a semi hardcover, containing 240 pages jam packed with top quality photos. 

It’s available from or Flylife publishing also from selected flyfishing shops.  At $45 it’s definitely one for the library collection.                                             Nick

3 responses

  1. Vince Margossian

    congatulation you have done a great job with your blog.
    lots of good reading and pic’s.

    I don’t know if you remember me from south east QLD fly fishing club at Dunmore trout fishing.
    soon there is one at Uncle Billy’s.

    keep up the good work.


    April 19, 2011 at 6:52 pm

  2. Andrew

    Hi Nick who is the person in control of your Instagram account? I thought I have been talking to you but it appears it’s someone else?
    Cheers Andrew.

    January 17, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    • flymasta

      Hello Andrew, my fishing buddy jason Haakstad is the brainchild of the Instagram site. Throwing photos up of all things Cod, plus a mash of international stuff. I’m always checking out the site daily and sharing photos as well.
      Regards Nick

      January 17, 2014 at 10:21 pm

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